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A history of finance -

Information on the history of everything financial. Making money, saving money and gambling your money.

Articles From The Smithsonian -

Articles from the Smithsonian Institution's award-winning, monthly general interest magazine, plus exclusive web articles, videos, blogs, photographs and more.

Association Vittfarne -

A Swedish non-profit organization promoting research about travelling methods of the vikings

Aztec Pyramids -

Aztec history is a rich history of Aztec Indians that lived in the area of south central Mexico. Aztecs are especially known for their military achievements, their Aztec warriors and their pyramids that were used for human sacrifice.

Bulgaria a Paradise on Earth -

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Etymological dictionary -

Striving to be a universal etymological dictionary, this website provides an etymology for hundreds of thousands of words in dozens of languages, tracing their etymology to Latin, Greek or reconstructed Proto-Germanic and Indo-European roots.

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Historical Coffee Information -

The history of coffee, its origins, and other background information. A detailed timeline about the history of coffee from the very beginning to present day.

History Facts 101 -

A great collection of many interesting facts throughout history.

History of Macedonia Blog -

Blog about the History of Macedonia through ages.

Images In Olden Times - Vietnam's History Photos -

Images In Olden Times - Vietnam's History Photos : Vietnam ,Vietnam Images ,Vietnam Photos ,Vietnamese ,Etymology ,History ,Government ,Politics ,Subdivisions ,Geography ,Climate ,Nature ,Economy ,Military ,Transport ,Population ,Languages ,Religions ,Education ,Science ,Culture ,Media ,Tourism ,Typical ,Folk-song

Interesting History -

Interesting history myths, facts, and articles such as accidental inventions, the origin of common items and more.

Joan of Arc - Maid of Heaven -

Comprehensive website about Saint Joan of Arc with information about the biography Maid of Heaven by author Ben D. Kennedy and complete biographical information about Saint Joan of Arc. Contains a long biography, timeline, quotes, references, pictures, videos, movies and also several full length books like Mark Twain’s biography about Joan of Arc and G. B. Shaw’s play Saint Joan.

Medieval File -

All things medieval are profiled at this web site and featured is a collection of cartoons about the renaissance period and dark ages. The cartoon humor is ideal for use in any professional project or endeavors and touches upon a dark period in history. All cartoons are created by Dan Rosandich. The site also gives background on many aspects of the dark ages including religion, how people lived etc. Also mentioned are links to other medieval oriented web sites to give visitors a bigger pictur

MOC Grand Priory of Terra Nordica -

The website of the Militare Ordine del Collar will make known in its various historical and cultural aspects the August Dynasty that formerly reigned over the Lands of the Crown of Aragon.

MOCHOLA.ORG | Welcome -

A comprehensive guide to Russian Emigration after 1917. Biographical databases. Photoarchive. Research results accompanied by original documents, paper extracts.

Rome History -

Very detailed history of the roman empire and its kings, wars and customs, from the first four kings of Rome to Romulus Augustus.

Russian Nested Dolls or Matryoshka Dolls -

Russian nested dolls or Matyroshka dolls (also called babushka or babooshka dolls)are the most popular and enduring Russian folk souvenirs. This site explains what they are, how they came into being, their history and how to make them.

Scotland of Old -

Historical books on Scotland, written with passion by Scotsmen intimately connected to their heritage and past. The way of life, the wars, the love and romance, clans and their castles. The evangelist, Duncan Matheson in spotlight and much, much more.

Social Studies Lesson Plans US History Civil War -

Social studies lesson plans include us history lesson plans, civil war lesson plans, world history lesson plans, social studies games, american revolutionary war lesson plans, world war ii, cold war.

Trojan Horse Facts -

The Trojan Horse through history, from the myth (or was it?) to the modern day troublesome computer virus, this website has the details on all if it. The good, the bad, the ugly.

What Happened On This Day -

With the "On This Day In History" software program, you can discover events, births, deaths, and holidays on today's date.