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Air Guns & Scopes -

Offering an exclusive selection of Air Rifles, Air Pistols and Rifle Scopes by well known manufacturers.

Diamond K Brass LLC -

Company based in Scottsdale, Arizona that sells once fired brass, ammo reloading supplies, casings, and shells online.

Federal Firearms License -

The FFL Kit shows you how to get your Federal Firearms License

News & Information about Concealed Weapon Laws -

Over the course of the past decade, virtually every state in the Union that did not previously have concealed weapon laws on their books have enacted such legislation. Indeed, at this point in time, 48 states have concealed weapon laws in force at this time.

Quicksilver Manufacturing LLC -

Class II manufacturer of light weight titanium rifle silencers for hunting and tactical applications. See website for nationwide list of dealers.

Softair Guns -

American gun smithing institute is learn you that how different firearm systems operate in extreme depth, using cutaways and diagrams which cover hundreds of models of guns.

What to Consider When Using a Concealed Carry -

The concealed carry holster that you use for handling your gun is very important. The weight that is used for the holster will make for an important factor, and the strength of the gun will make an impact as well. Here are some concealed carry tips to use to help you with handling the holster properly.