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Appliance Donations - Resource Guide -

Make an Appliance Donation. Find out how and where to make new or used appliance donations: refrigerators, air conditioners, washers, dryers or other items to charitable organizations and more. Find appliance centers and appliance pick up services. Recycle and reduce waste.

Are you afraid to go out ALONE? -

Cell phone stun gun personal protection, 900,000 volts has the effect of a baseball bat. Stop attackers!

association rowerowy torun -

Our association promoted bicycle transport in polish city torun. We try to cooperate with administrative officers and fight with bureaucrats. We think that development of bicycle infrastructure in our city is the best way to protection local environment

BEEBWATCH - The eyes and ears for an increasingly concerned British Public -

The website set-up to raise public awareness of the dangers of a potentially biased public media, browse the forum, post your thoughts and sign the petition in a bid to abolish the licence fee.

Bulk Water Exports -

Under the North American Free Trade Agreement bulk water shipments from Canada to the United States and Mexico is being challenged by Canadian citizens. Covers trade factoids, activism and news about fresh water exports.

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Child Protection and Safety Resources -

Provides visitors with links to articles, blog posts, news reports, books, videos, and search results related to child protection and safety issues, such as lead poisoning, nanny cams, sexual abuse, wilderness camps and much more.

India Uncut -

Daring to show the truth to the society expecting a social reform towards the greater good.

Raise Money Online With FirstGiving -

With the help of FirstGiving, you can raise money online for a nonprofit. Check out the site to read FirstGiving's purpose and then contact us to start raising money online.

Volunteering -

Charitable Actions is an international site listing charities, gap years, grants, volunteering, as well as news and articles about helping others.