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Research your whole family tree and let our team of expert genealogists uncover your origins.

Do Not Be Unsure Any More Use DNA Paternity Testing -

Paternity issues of a child in the house can be an extremely nerve-wracking situation. Every child has a right to know who his/her father is, just as the father has the right to know whether the child is really his.

find birth parent -

We offer Adoption database is an adoption registry for birth parents. Have you met your birth parents, or are searching for them important to you? Search for birth parents. Are you searching for your birth parents? Get unique adoptee registry database here.

Free Genealogy -

genealogyPro provides information on the wealth of free genealogy resources available on the internet. With so many millions of pages, it is often hard to find the information you need. Thats where we come in by indexing and researching all the free genealogy resource that you could need.

Genealogical News, Event and Family History -

Share genealogical news and events with fellow genealogists. Tracing the family pedigrees-- all the developments, tools and resources you'll need to peer more closely into your family tree.

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The Most Comprehensive and Easy To Use Genealogy Guide

North Carolina Genealogy and History -

North Carolina genealogy and family history articles, news and references. General genealogy articles and resources. Good reference point for the research of family genealogy in North Carolina with reference divided by county.

South Carolina Genealogy and History -

South Carolina genealogy and history focused site with articles on South Carolina history and historical events. Also includes a large collection of information indexed by county, many resources, links and some family histories posted as well.

Surnames Directory -

Names Directory has a huge collection of firstnames and surnames browsable alphabetically or by popularity.