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Abbreviations -

The purpose of is to provide you with the meaning of an acronym/abbreviation and then link you to an authorative website.

Big Red Garage -

Pimsleur, Linguaphone, Rosetta Stone language courses to learn a new language fast.

Chinese Language -

Chinese Language Teacher - Find Chinese Language tutor in delhi at affordable price. Learn chinese languages easily by chinese language professional in delhi also all over india

Corso Inglese - Learn English online -

English for Italy Ltd. e’ una scuola d’inglese on-line per Italiani. Il sito offre tutti i livelli e include le lezioni di conversazione.

eCommerce Web Site Building: Where Do I Start? -

Back in 1998 (through 2000 or so), I worked for a small company (called PaymentNet / then Signio) that handled online transactions. ...

English Dictionary Search For Terms & Meaning -

Online English dictionary database look up the meaning of words, terms with advanced technology. It reloads the results as you type in the words.

ESL Made Easy -

English Language - ESL English Second Language DDCode smashes the barriers on English Language training and tuition.

Fastest Way To Learn Chinese -

Learn Chinese online at mandomandarin a online Chinese tutor where you learn Chinese and mandarin online with the fastest way to learn Chinese online.Mandomandarin Chinese language school

Georgian Language courses in Tbilisi, Georgia -

Georgian Language Course For Everybody is specially organized for international people, who are interested in learning Georgian Language in Tbilisi and be familiarized with Georgian culture.

Italian language school - Scuola Italia -

Scuola Italia is a company that organizes Italian courses about the language and culture of Italian people. Courses include also activities like cookery and art, giving you the opportunity to know the local people in a quiet surrounded by hills and mountains.

Language Dubbing and Subtitling Management Services -

The International Dubbing Group provides localized, in-territory language dubbing and subtitling in more than 40 languages. Their offices in Los Angeles manage every step of your project while alleviating your concerns over language barriers and time zone differences.

Language Translation, Technical Translation & Foreign language translation Solutions by We Find Help -

WeFindHelp offers Language Translation, Technical Translation, Medical Translation, Legal translation & Foreign Language Translation Services in a simple to use format that allows users to quickly know their price and immediately accept that price. Once you accept the price, your project is sent to a list of our network providers who specialize in Translation Services. The provider, who can meet the requirements and accepts the project first, will be your provider. Meeting quality and t

Learn English in UK -

English Language courses in UK, London, Liverpool, Bournemouth, unbeatable prices and high quality accredited schools, visa support for international students.

Learn German -

German language guide, all about how to learn german and how to speak german.

Learn Mandarin Chinese Online -

Learn how to Say It In Chinese by mastering the most common Chinese words and expressions online with our comprehensive database for beginning learners.

Learn Spanish Fast -

Language Lessons 101 is a Spanish language learning resource. Tips, tricks, and tools to help you learn Spanish quickly. Stop waiting to learn the Spanish language and get started today.

Learn Spanish in Cusco, Learn Spanish in Peru, spanish language immersion course in Cuzco -

Learn Spanish in Cusco, Peru, with Wiracocha Spanish School. Our language school offer, spanish language course in cuzco, spanish immersion course, intensive courses, quiz and test, scholarship, business spanish, study and learn spanish fun and quickly.

Learn Spanish Language -

Learn Spanish in just 20 minutes each day. Memory improvement books and memory game software for better Spanish language memorization.

Learn Spanish Online -

Learn Spanish Online

Learning Spanish in Spain & Latin America – Study Spanish at Enforex -

Learning Spanish in Spain & Latin America with Enforex means total immersion. Spanish courses and accommodation to study Spanish with us are available within our schools in Spain and Latin America all year round. What about learning Spanish with us today?

medical translation -

Word Perfect Translations is a wholly Irish owned company specializing in interpretation and translation services, providing linguistic assistance to a large client base, both in the public and private sectors. Word Perfect Translations has positioned itself as a leading service provider to legal institutions and law-enforcement agencies as well as medical institutions and commercial entities.

Pimsleur Method -

Hear it, Learn it, Speak it. That's the Pimsleur difference.

Pukka German: Learn the real German lingo -

Free intermediate to advanced German language podcasts to learn to speak the real German lingo online. Our popular weekly podcast teaches authentic spoken German, common idioms, essential colloquial language, German slang words and more.

Quality English Russian Translation -

comprehensive translation services, including document translation,web site localisation, interepreting and guidance services. We will meet any linguistic need of youbusiness at affordable price.

Russian English Translation * English - Russian Translators * English - Russian Personal Letters T -

Professional English - Russian and Russian - English translations. Web-Site Translation, Localization and Support. Private and Personal and Business Correspondence Translations Proofreading and editing service Personal and Education Documents Translations English to Ukrainian Translations English - Russian Personal Letters Translation. Translation of Personal and Dating Letters * E-mails and Snail Mail translations

Spanish Institute – Spanish Classes in MN -

Regularly scheduled Spanish classes are offered at The Spanish Institute in Minneapolis. Learn Spanish in small classes, with experienced instructors and special-tailored lessons for all competency levels for adults and business professionals.

Spanish Institute of Merida -

Spanish Institute of Merida

Spanish language schools -

One of the top Spanish Schools in Ecuador. We are located in the heart of the modern part of Quito, a few minutes walk from the tourist area with all the bars, restaurants and shops. We have space for more than 40 students, divided into morning and afternoon sessions.

Spanish Learning Software -

Learn to speak Spanish using software and audio programs designed to teach you Spanish from home. Let our reviews help you make a decision with what program is right for you

Spanish School: Learn Spanish in Ecuador -

Learn Spanish in Quito-Ecuador. The Spanish School offers several programs such as volunteer opportunities, flying teaching program, Spanish classes in Banos, Tena, Mindo and other places in Ecuador.

Speak A Language -

Language Learning Store has all major language courses for you to learn a new language fast.

startpagina starthandig -

Startpagina your get.And a subdomain there you can put al your favor sites in to so that you can look fast to your favor sites.And you can add a search box to your subdomain.

Transglobal Language Translations Ltd -

At Transglobal Languages , we can make the best use of your time with our French, German and Chinese Internsive Language Training courses. We can also offer accurate Spanish, Japanese and Chinese language translations.

Visual dictionary online -

The Visual Dictionary Online is an interactive dictionary with an innovative approach. From the image to the word and its definition, the Visual Dictionary Online is an all-in-one reference. Search the themes to quickly locate words, or find the meaning of a word by viewing the image it represents.

Writing Help -

Writing, editing, and proofreading are the specialties of those who work for this website. Available to academics, professionals, or anyone who needs help perfecting their written work, this site helps all its customers make the grade.

Yao Mandarin School -

Learn Chinese in Toronto easily at Yao Mandarin School. Visit us at for details.